Communication specialist for the Digital Transformation of Businesses

Paola Caldera

I was born in advertising agencies, grew up as a freelance copywriter, and became Marketing and Communication Manager in an SME. Today, my goal is to grow a B2B company through the study of a strategy to develop its digital potential in Communication, Marketing and Sales processes.
My method is to analyze the communication approach of an SME and analyze its internal processes, integrating them into a strategy aimed at increasing sales, leaving the direct training to the person and the team to guide the company in its specific process of digital transformation
And make it as independent as possible.

A few details.

Growth Hacking

is not just a technique but a mindset that I apply to all my projects, an experimental and multi-layered approach that looks at issues at 360 degrees and teaches me that being transversal is not a disease.


my experience comes with a creative, strategic and analytical approach. Its value is multiplied when a project is carried out through a strong relationship with the company and from this something new is really born.


implies a change of mindset. How much are you willing to change? If you are not really interested in change, do not make any investment, you would waste your time and money.


my experience comes with a creative, strategic and analytical approach. Its value is multiplied when a project is carried out through a strong relationship with the company and from this something new is really born.


should be nonstop. We should never stop learning and developing the knowledge of our tools, while putting into use what we already know. This is not just my philosophy, it should also apply to you and your team.


is essential. It is the starting point of every test, discovery or innovation. There are no exhaustive answers and there are no thought patterns that cannot evolve, if you are curious.

My job, explained by others.

“In the role of Temporary Manager, the CDO manages the digital transformation processes of the organization, starting from a strong focus on Sales + Marketing [+ Communication ed.] They outline the right strategies that will lead the company to chose and integrate digital tools with its innovative business model”

My job, explained by me.

I speak the language of the company.

I have spent many years working with companies and I understand the dynamics and everyday issues of a SME (including the owner’s side), but I can also bring in the expertise of a communication agency, that SMEs might not have. Thanks to my wealth of experience and my continuous interest in the latest developments of the industry, I am a sought after resource for companies that want to undertake a digital transformation but do not yet have the tools to manage its resources internally or to adequately communicate with external suppliers. Communication is important.

I analyse the company’s positioning.

I deal with companies that have a history and that throughout the years have developed their analogical and digital tools in a diverse and layered fashion (from logo to web, from the IT system to sale processes). I read the company history through its marketing literature, its products and processes and how it is organised. I provide an analysis that shows how existing actions and tools can be developed to their full digital potential, through which the company can consolidate its brand perception and expand its customer-base.

I offer a strategic consultancy.

Outsourcing the management of a digitalisation project doesn’t require the financial commitment of hiring someone permanently. An external specialist guides the company through an orderly and coordinated effort to develop existing internal resources and unleash the company’s potential. My goal is to lead the company through a change of mindset. This collaboration is intended to help businesses avoiding to overcomplicate already complex situations or make unnecessary investments. The focus is instead on what is really needed, thanks to a strategic approach and a low-cost testing process..

I handover the know-how.

Tools are important. A report and a To Do list are the two basic tools I use to tailor the digital transformation process to the needs of the company.
I work with the existing staff, providing training and assisting them with sourcing and managing external resources. If needed, I help to find new resources.
The objective of this first phase is to create a digital team that, once fully set up and operative, will guide the company towards a new business model.